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Counter espionage

By developing an effective counter-espionage strategy, we can protect you from several types of espionage.

We are competitive at finding hidden cameras, gps and spy microphones

To locate spying devices, we employ cutting-edge electronic scanning surveillance countermeasure techniques. Make sure that your offices, conference rooms, communication systems and vehicles are secure.

Prevention and security

Our expertise allows us to provide a service to counter any act of voyeurism. We offer our expert services to all establishments that have private rooms, locker rooms, toilets, and fitting rooms, etc.

Effective Counter-espionage Strategies

We are constantly on the lookout for new advancements to remain at the forefront of technology, progress, and innovation.

Contre-espionnage Counter-espionage

Spy Equipment Detection - 100% Turnkey Solution

By choosing our specialized counter-espionage services, you can protect your business, residence, or vehicle from electronic and physical espionage threats.

Stratégies de contre-espionnage Counter-espionage Strategies

Counter Industrial espionage

We search for any electronic or physical equipment that has been installed in a location to spy on, or monitor the activities and conversations taking place in its vicinity.

Electronic scanning

By implementing the use of specialized tools, which includes radio frequency detectors, spectrum analyzers, signal amplifiers and other measuring instruments, we are able to search for suspicious electromagnetic signals.

Full physical inspection of your business or residence

We examine the area for the presence of physical devices, including hidden microphones, cameras and other recording gadgets that may be concealed in walls, ceilings, electrical outlets, furniture, decorative objects, plants, smoke detectors and other hidden locations.

Inspection report

A summary of the electronic and physical equipment examined will be provided, along with the findings of the inspection, including any anomalies or detected spy devices. The report may also include photos or videos to support the conclusions if needed.

Our services

Protecting your communications from cyber espionage is our mandate.

espionnage en entreprise corporate espionage
Détection de micro Microphone detection
Caméras cachées Hidden cameras
Contre-espionnage Counter-espionage

Inspection of businesses, offices, conference rooms

Home inspection

Vehicle inspection

Checking your internal telephone circuits

Inspection of electrical installations, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, furniture, and any other arear where something could be concealed.

Identification of hidden listening devices, surveillance cameras, or any other spying gadgets installed without the owner or occupant's knowledge.

A complete inspection to source any hidden spying devices or GPS tracking that may be installed without the owner or occupant's knowledge.

Verification of telephone line connections, switching equipment, telephone jacks, cables, and other components that may hamper your security.

Comprehensive counter-espionage services

Leader in the detection of clandestine electronic listening devices since 1987.

Détection de micros et caméras cachés Hidden Microphones and cameras detection

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