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DEEGT has been active in the art of counter measuring for over 35 years.

We continue to innovate

Due to its extensive industry experience, the company has kept up with the most cutting-edge technological developments in electronics and communications security.

Every year, DEEGT constantly renews and updates its equipment to remain at the forefront of technology, progress, and innovation and to be aware of new advancements. As a forward-thinking company, DEEGT places great importance on the continuous training and development of its team members, in order to offer a high-quality service.

Détection de micro Microphone detection
espionnage industriel Industrial espionage

In constant evolution

DEEGT counterespionage is at the forefront of technology, progress and innovation, and is always on the lookout for new developments to stay ahead of growing threats, like;

  • Industrial espionage
  • Clandestine electronic surveillance and listening

Expert in Industrial Counter-espionage

By developing an effective counter-espionage strategy, we can protect you against many forms of espionage.

We use advanced electronic scanning countermeasure techniques to find spying devices, such as hidden cameras, gps and spy microphones.

Give us a shout to make your offices, conference rooms, communication systems, and vehicles safe.

caméras cachées Hidden cameras
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