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Spy Equipment Detection Services

Protecting your communications from cyber espionage is our mandate.

espionnage en entreprise corporate espionage

Inspection of businesses, offices, conference rooms

Inspection of electrical installations, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, furniture, and any other arear where something could be concealed.

Détection de micro Microphone detection

Home inspection

Identification of hidden listening devices, surveillance cameras, or any other spying gadgets installed without the owner or occupant's knowledge.

Caméras cachées Hidden cameras

Vehicle inspection

A complete inspection to source any hidden spying devices or GPS tracking that may be installed without the owner or occupant's knowledge.

Contre-espionnage Counter-espionage

Checking your internal telephone circuits

Verification of telephone line connections, switching equipment, telephone jacks, cables, and other components that may hamper your security.

Espionnage industriel Industrial espionage

Industrial Counter-espionage Inspection of Your Offices and Conference Rooms

To safeguard company data and systems from privacy breaches, it is crucial to maintain appropriate safety measures because security threats are constantly evolving.

The following threats can all be prevented by investing in appropriate security measures:

  • Financial losses
  • Business disruptions
  • Reputational impacts
  • Legal liabilities

Our team of skilled technicians receive training on scanning techniques, counter-surveillance, and related equipment from the best internationally recognized instructors.

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Détecteur de micros espions Spy microphone detector

Spy Microphone and Hidden Camera Detector for Residences

We provide home inspection services. Our team visits your residence to detect the presence of any spying devices that may breach security measures.

The detection of microphones and cameras is essential to protect privacy and security information.

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Hidden GPS Detection Détection de GPS caché

Corporate Counter-espionage Vehicle Inspection Service

It is possible that sometimes tracking or monitoring devices may have been installed in a vehicle without the owner or user's consent. This can include GPS tracking devices, audio or video recorders, and other surveillance equipment.

We can assist you in the inspection of your vehicles with our scanning techniques, counter- surveillance strategies, and other associated equipment.

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Espionnage en entreprise Corporate espionage

Protect Your Telephone Lines from the Risk of Corporate Espionage

When it comes to a business, there may be several reasons why an individual or organization would want to listen to your phone lines. However, you have no need to worry as our technicians have the solution to rectify that problem!

It is your duty to make sure that the opposition is not aware of anything that occurs in your personal, private, or business capacity.

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Détection de micro Microphone detection

Counter Espionage with DEEGT: Expert in Detecting Spy Microphones and Hidden Cameras

To detect hidden listening devices or cameras, and identify security breaches in electronic, computer, or communication systems, we make use of specialized equipment. Keep in mind that inspections can protect your privacy and personal safety while preventing the disclosure of confidential or sensitive information.

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Espionnage industriel Industrial espionage

Corporate Security and Counter-espionage: Protect your Intellectual Property

To safeguard your sensitive data, intellectual property, and business operations, your company must be protected against espionage. It is important to remember that corporate security is an ongoing effort.

We always write an inspection report to improve your security, or that of your business.

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