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Is Your Smartphone Spying on You? Adopt the One-Day Rule

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As part of our mission at DEEGT, specializing in the detection and prevention of espionage for businesses, we have identified a potential source of spying that many overlook: smartphones. These devices, omnipresent in our daily lives, are often loaded with applications that, unbeknownst to us, can act as spies in our pocket.

Industrial Espionage: The Hidden Threat of Unused Applications

It’s common to accumulate applications for one-time needs or temporary interests, without ever deleting them afterward. What many don’t realize is that these applications can continue to collect personal and business data even when they are not in use. This information can be exploited by malicious actors for espionage purposes or cyberattacks against your business.

Acting to Protect Your Business from Espionage

As security experts, we emphasize the importance of taking proactive measures to eliminate these risks. We strongly recommend adopting the "One-Day" rule: a simple yet effective process of deleting one unused application from your device every day. This practice significantly reduces the potential attack surface and improves the security of your business's data.

Implementing the "One-Day" Rule

Here’s a simple and effective trick… every day, take the time to find and delete an application you no longer use from your smartphone. This daily habit can reduce privacy risks and enhance both the efficiency and security of your device.

Deleting an application is a simple action that can have a significant impact on the security of your information. iPhone users can press and hold the app icon and select " Delete App". Android users will find a similar option in the Google Play Store, under " Manage apps and device". For pre-installed apps that cannot be deleted, we advise disabling them to prevent any unwanted data collection.

Better Protection with Operating System Updates

The importance of keeping mobile devices updated to protect against industrial espionage cannot be underestimated. Operating systems such as Apple iOS and Android play a crucial role in this security effort. Indeed, these platforms regularly deploy updates that not only fix discovered security flaws but also enhance the overall robustness of the systems against new threats.

Updates are essential as they equip mobile devices, which have become indispensable work tools in the professional world, with the best possible defense against viruses and cybercriminals. In addition to enjoying enhanced security, users also benefit from the latest innovations and features developed, which can improve efficiency and productivity within the company.

Towards a Secure Digital Future for Businesses

At DEEGT, we understand that privacy and data protection are more crucial than ever. Adopting the "One-Day" rule is a step towards a safer digital environment for you and your business. By regularly auditing and deleting unnecessary applications, you can reduce your vulnerability to attacks and ensure that your devices remain productive tools, without compromising the security of your sensitive information.

We invite you to integrate this practice into your IT security policy and raise awareness among your teams about the importance of maintaining rigorous digital hygiene. Together, let's protect the digital future of your business!

Protect Your Business Against Espionage: Act Now!

In a world where security threats are constantly evolving, protecting your data and business systems has never been more critical. Do not let privacy breaches jeopardize your success. Our team of experts is at your disposal to detect microphones and hidden cameras that might be concealed in your premises.

In our services, we offer comprehensive inspections, armed with the most sophisticated equipment to meticulously examine every corner of your offices. Effective detection of espionage devices is essential to secure your company's confidential information, especially during important meetings.

Do not wait until it’s too late. Take the first step towards enhanced security by contacting us today. Ensure the peace of mind you and your business deserve.


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